Teen Paishacha Tamasha- Savi Foundation

He is the most favorite and famous writer in every household in Maharashtra.
2019 being his centenary year, we would not miss a chance to pay a tribute to him. Hence, We produced his play- “teen paishacha Tamasha”

This play is presented by SAVI FOUNDATION. The highlight of this play is that 27 visually impaired individuals have enacted this play. concept and direction is by Swagat Thorat. This play will be staged on Sunday 16th June at Yashwant Rao natyagruh kothrud at 12noon. 
SAVI FOUNDATION always tries to come up with innovative ideas to support and bring smile and joy for the under privileged. 
the balcony of the theatre is always reserved for visually impaired, orphans, women-oriented ashrams so that they can enjoy the play at no cost.
At the inaugural, on 17 April 2019, we had 200 visually impaired/orphans thoroughly enjoy this play. The smile on their faces were a great source of inspiration and motivation to continue the work. This time on 16TH June, we are staging this play for the third time, where we have invited local domestic help to watch and treat themselves to this play.
This is our meagre attempt to reach out to the masses, to spread the great art work of p.L Deshpande’s writings.
This opportunity is not only for his fans but all Punekars to watch one of his famous play- teen paishacha Tamasha
we welcome one and all!!

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