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Digital India, the flagship program of the Government of India, is pushing the country towards digitalization by also connecting rural areas. The vision of this program is inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities, etc., and many companies in India are innovating different ideas to support this initiative and help India to grow and expand.

Infynium is one of those organizations that has presented a unique innovation, the “Wi-Fi service in the cloud of PDO”, in the Round of the jury of the Aegis Graham Bell Award in the category “Initiative of digital India”. They have successfully tested and manufactured the solution that allows the incorporation of PDO and also allows them the flexibility to choose the hardware and Internet provider. The Wi-Fi back-end is cloud-based and can be subscribed by anyone wishing to start PDO / Wi-Fi services. This solution eliminates the CapEx back-end investment, since the back-end services are hosted in the cloud and the cost is distributed among several PDOs and hotspots, which makes the solution more affordable and technically simple for the client. PDO

“The awards give us a great opportunity to show our products to our colleagues and customers. We believe that the awards have been very well organized and are a great platform for vertical telecommunications. “- Mr. Amit Dhekne, co-founder of Infynium Solutions.

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