Winners of the Music Contest -Vocal and Instrumental

WondrYears launched Music Contest on the 10th of May on its Instagram and Facebook pages (Wondr_Years).This contest turned to be our most popular contest so far along with Art Contest which was conducted last month. We received 50 plus entries under various categories. Judges from Muziclub team led by their Principal Ms Shruti Jakati had a tough time deciding the winner considering that the standard of the participants was so high. Cheers to all the participants !

Time to meet our winners! 


Judges Choice Award for Overall Performance


Prisha Moitra

Prisha Moitra is a grade 4 student of Indus Valley School, Kolkata who aspires to become an artist when she grows up. At school she aims to be an all rounder performer and has been awarded for the same in the past two consecutive school years. She has won several accolades in extra curricular activities like story telling and writing and elocution, spell bee, ramp camp etc. Literature and science are two of her favourite subjects and of all things she enjoys doing performing arts is on the top of the charts. In her free time, she reads books, plays chess and goes for long walks with her family. Her favourite authors are Roald Dahl and J K Rowling and her only wish is to get Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak through some miracle so that she can read books and play lego blocks way past her bedtime.

Age Category: 3-7 Years

Winner: Vocals

Farhan Pastakia

FARHAN PERUKH PASTAKIA has loved music since he was just a toddler. Today at 7, he wants to grow up to be both; a palaeontologist and a singer. His passion for music is closely followed by his curiosity for dinosaurs, maths, science & wild animals. Farhan has been pursuing his areas of interests at PICT Model School & Muziclub, under their invaluable guidance. Along with a sense of rhythm and a dash of melody, we are blessed that Farhan is also humble, obedient, disciplined, & respectful. His first stage appearance was at the age of 5 at our earlier society’s annual function. Initially he was nervous, but the moment he started singing, everything transformed and he was a different individual altogether.  Farhan is a dreamer & music is his happy place! With his music he wants to be able to spread this happiness around the globe!

Age Category: 3-7 Years

Winner: Vocals

Tanish M Phaterpekar

Tanish is born in September 2012. His name means ‘Ambition’ and is very apt to his name. Dreams to become a plastic surgeon and an actor some day. He is an avid reader and likes reading Tom Gates, Stilton, and ETL books. This year he was the spell bee champ in his entire class and participated at the British Council Reading Challenge. Tanish loves drawing Robots, Innovative machines, and space shuttles. He is good with rhythm, has exceptional sense of music and has been learning keyboard since he was 4 years.  Tanish has been learning hindustani classical vocal  since a year now. He is known for his wittiness, humour, and high-on energy in school. He likes writing beautiful creative stories. Tanish loves watches Bright Side videos and keeps alerting us on do’s and don’ts he learns. His school teachers Bharati mam, Sheetal mam and his music teacher, Krishna Sir have been extremely instrumental in channelizing his talent.

Age Category: 8-11Years

Winner: Vocals (Indian)

Hamsika Pulagalle

Hamsika is a naughty, fearless, and a very generous person. She has always been a quick learner and a very enthusiastic person in whatever she does, be it studying or extracurricular activities. She makes us proud by excelling in all the fields she pursues. She shows interest in everything she does or learns. She loves music like anything. She has been learning music from the last 2 years and she won 2 competitions-Ganarag which was conducted by Paranjape Schemes. In 2018-2019 She won 2nd prize in duet singing and 2019-2020 she won 3rd prize again in duet singing. She feels the song while singing. She is very good at studies. Won many competitive books. Loves reading books, watching movies, badminton, dancing, traveling to different places, drawing, painting. She takes care of her mother as her baby. She loves to enjoy being around with friends & family. What not she does? She is an allrounder. Proud of my little cute Princess. Her smile gives us a lot of energy.

Age Category: 8-11Years

Winner: Vocals (Western)

Anya Monga

Anya is 9 years old and born in Reading, UK. She has been a performer since the age of 3. She enjoyed reciting rhymes, narrating stories, singing songs in front of any audience she got. She would always look forward to her school choirs and singing lessons. Her teachers in the UK and India saw a penchant for music in her and always encouraged her. She has sung in a live concert at the age of 8 in the UK and won her first award as a western vocalist at her school in India in the same year. Anya enjoys solving puzzles, Rubik’s cube and drama. She has invented a game called “Jumble Bumble” and won the most original business idea award at a children’s business fair in Pune, India. She has travelled to 13 countries so far and enjoys reviewing new toys on youtube. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Science. She loves spending time with her grandparents and listening to music.

Age Category: 8-11Years

Winner: Instrumental (Drums)

Malay Kale

Malay was born in August 2011. He is having inclination towards music from the time he was born. Even when he was 2 months old and whenever started crying, listening to music would calm him down. And at that age too, he was having a particular taste in music i.e. he wouldn’t listen to all the songs but only particular soothing songs. Since he started his play group till now we have got one complaint in common that he takes 2 pencils and start playing drums at the table. He started taking his professional drum classes at the age of 5. Whenever he likes any song, he listens to that song continuously for 4-5 days all the time and then starts playing it. His drum teachers also supports him a lot and guide him in a way so that he can give his best. In school also, Malay has got good encouragement and recognition. He has performed on stage many times and received lot of love. Malay wants to be the one who could make you forget yourself with his music and innocence.

Age Category: 8-11 Years

Winner: Instrumental (Keyboard)

Mayank Pachpor

Mayank was born in 2009 and started playing keyboard at the age of 6 . Since then not a single day has passed without practising scales and songs on keyboard. He loves to listen to the songs. He is recently trying to play Axel F from Beverly Hills Cop. Other than playing keyboard he also plays Cajon. His favourite song is Believer and Immortals and his favourite band is Fall Out Boy and One Republic. His favourite piano piece is Turkish March. Other than music, his favourite hobbies are doodling and. painting. He loves to play football. He loves to watch Woody Woodpecker and Pink Panther shows. His favourite book is James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl. He studies in Vibgyor High. His favourite pass time activity is to play games such as Brawl Stars, Zombie Catchers and Subway Surfers. He loves Pizza. He stays in Pune and loves to visit his cousins in Nagpur. Mayank loves to play outside with his friends and is very social. He always brings a smile on everyone’s face with his witty talks.

Age Category: 12-15 Years

Winner: Vocals

Saniya Chaterjee

Saniya Chatterjee was born in Dubai in Jan 2005. She has always been a sincere and an obedient student at school. When Saniya turned 3, her parents realized she has an amazing voice and a knack for music. Singing and dancing became a part of her life. She also started playing basketball and has played many inter school and district level matches. She has a creative mind too and recently won Hindustan Times scholarship award of rs 25000/- for essay writing. Her parents always motivated her to take part in various competitions conducted by the school and other institutions. Her room is always well decorated with her drawings, calligraphy and artwork. She likes taking part in Model United Nation Conferences and Debates. She aspires to become a surgeon when she grows up. Saniya is very popular among her friends, teachers and family for her down to earth nature and happy go lucky attitude.

Age Category: 12-15 Years

Winner: Instrumental (Guitar)

Nirav Chakrabarti

Nirav is 14 years old. He studies in class 9. Nirav loves to play English songs specially rock and metal genre. His passion for guitar has brought music into our house. When home, his guitar is always plugged in, even during exam times. Playing the guitar relaxes him. He loves picking challenging songs and works relentlessly till he gets it correct.He showed interest in guitar when he was around 10 years old. He had seen a guitar at our neighbour’s house. Our neighbour Atul started teaching him casually over weekends and was his first teacher. After about 6 months he suggested we shift Nirav to a more structured and professional class. At his suggestion we enrolled Nirav in Muziclub. Tanmay Pawar sir and Conrad Bhengra sir at Muziclub have been his guitar teachers and mentors and have provided immense encouragement. Muziclub has always encouraged him to play whatever he likes and perform in Sunday jams. Nirav also plays drums and enjoys basketball.

Age Category: 12-15 Years

Winner: Instrumental (Keyboard)

Rishabh Pal

Rishabh is born in 2007 and started playing his first keyboard (Instrumental)at the mere age of 4.He has his passion for cricket and football from 5 and has gone to interschool level in that.He loves to solve abacus and vedic maths so much that he has so many awards in that field.His dream is to become a space scientist and help India in its glory.In other words he is an allrounder.He has an inquisitive mind of knowledge and wants to use it for the betterment of the people of his country.Let his dreams and passions be on one side.He has a great love for Maths and science since childhood and loves to do experiments.

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