Winners of the Comic Strip Contest

WondrYears launched Comic Strip Making contest on the 6th of April on its instagram and Facebook pages (Wondr_Years).

We were flooded with comic strips and we realised that comic strip making and doodling seems to be the latest in- thing for children these days. We had one winner each for the age category 8-11 and 12-15 . Lets meet our winners and see their creations

Age Category 8-11 Winner:

Prisha Moitra

About the artist : Prisha is a grade 3 student from Kolkata and aspires to be an artist and we are not surprised!! She is talented as an artist and storyteller and it is visible from her many creations. She is what we can call an all-rounder with interests in story telling , elocution , literature , science . She was even walked the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week

City : Kolkata

Topic – After School Hours

Story – The Lost Puppy

Age Category 12-15 Winner:

Veda Vacchani

About the artist : Veda is a grade 7 student from London. Her schooling has been in Vadodara , Bangalore and London and has given her opportunities to explore and develop her creative side. She is multitalented and loves spending time with art and craft. She is an avid reader as well and her favourite authors are Sudha Murthy , Roald Dahl & David Williams. Currently she is trying her hand at being a youtuber!

City : London

Topic – Fun with cousins

Story – Cousins are boredom

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