Winners of the Art Contest

WondrYears launched Art contest on the 16th of April on its instagram and Facebook pages (Wondr_Years).

We are really overwhelmed by the kind of response we got for the contest. We got approximately 50 entries for the contest . Rad Art Media were our community partners and who helped us find our Judge for the contest Siddhi Manot. 

We had one winner each for the age category 8-11 and 12-15 and believe me it was one tough decision to make in each category

Let’s meet our winners and see their creations

Age Category 8-11

Winner: Anjalika Naik  

About the Artist: Anjalika showed interest in creating art since she was 4. She lives in Pune and is in fourth grade at Indus International School. She creates art inspired by her surroundings and nature. She likes to make paintings and anime characters. Her inspiration is her grandma who was an artist. She aspires to make people happy through art. Other than art she loves Bharatnatyam and reading books.

City : Pune

Let’s see Anjalika’s creation

Age Category 12-15

Winner: Palak Sawant

About the Artist: Palak is 15 years old & lives in Pune. She is a student of St. Helena School and just 10th appeared. She is a creative child and likes to sketch & paint since her childhood. She likes art about nature & thoughtful pictures. Her inspiration is her father who is also interested in paintings.

Other than art she loves to dance, listening music and reading books.

City  Pune

Here is the truly amazing piece of art by Palak

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