Story Writing Contest – Winners

WondrYears launched a Story Writing Contest on the 13th of April on its Instagram and Facebook pages (Wondr_Years).

We got a lot of entries and in-fact we had to extend the last date of the contest till 30th of April to accommodate all the entries.

Well known author and biographer Sudha Menon so very kindly took out time from her busy schedule to judge the stories written by our little storytellers

We had one winner each for the age category 8-11 and 12-15 and believe me it was one tough decision to make in each category

Let’s meet our winners

Age Category 8-11

Winner: Ridhima Vahora ( Pune)

About the Storyteller : Ridhima is born in 2010 and started reading her first book peekaboo at the age of 3 months. Since then not a single day passed without reading a book for her. She loved to read Eric Carle, Dreamland and Winnie the Pooh books in her nursery school days. Recently she is reading Thea Stilton adventure books. She is fond of Indian mythological stories and has read several books like Ramayana, Krishna, Mahabharata, Buddha, Lord Mahavir, etc. Her favorite pass-time is to watch the Indian Mythological TV series! She has beginning to develop a lot of interest in the magical world and cooking after watching Harry Potter movies and ‘Just add magic’ web series. She sometimes spends hours on the terrace watching planets and star patterns using ‘star walk’ mobile app during the night. She is also learning Kathak & basketball after school. In her free time, she plays Rummy with her cousins and solves crossword puzzles. She stays in Pune & loves to visit Surat to meet her cousins live there. Ridhima loves to brighten the world with her always smiley face.

Let’s see what Ms Sudha Menon had to say about Ridhima’s story

“Dear Ridhima

Congratulations! I love this story for how imaginative it is and how detailed. All the best with your writing.

Love Sudha”

Age Category 12-15

Winner: Veda Vachhani ( London)

About the Storyteller: Veda Vachhani is a grade-7 student from London. Her schooling span in Bangalore, Vadodara, and London has given her opportunities to explore and develop her creative areas of interest. Art and craft is her hobby. Apart from making desk organizers, drawing and painting, decorating, DIYs, she likes exploring her skills in woodworking, wood carving, and sewing, in school. Veda is a creative child who has won awards in academics & extracurricular activities like History, art and craft, elocution, drama, dialogue writing and enactment, compering, street theatre, dancing, etc. She had participated in inter-school competitions and won prizes in painting, chess and drama. She also likes reading her favorite authors -Sudha Murthy, Ronald Dahl, and David Walliams. Currently she is trying her hand at being a YouTuber and has started her YouTube channel (ItzAlexYT •w•). Veda is usually keen on learning new art and is inspired by variety & creativity.

Let’s see what Ms Sudha Menon had to say about Veda’s story

“Dear Veda,

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this story with me. It is fast-paced, imaginative and fun.All the best for your future writing journey.

Love Sudha.”

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