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Prisha Moitra, 8, Kolkata

Prisha Moitra is a grade-3 student of Indus Valley World School, Kolkata who aspires to become an artist when she grows up. At school she aims to be an all round performer and has been awarded for the same in the past two consecutive school years. She has won several accolades in extra curricular activities like story telling and writing, elocution,spell bee, ramp camp etc. Literature and Science are two of her favourite subjects and of all the things she enjoys doing, performing arts is on the top of the charts. In her free time she reads books, plays chess and goes for long walks with her family. Her favourite authors are Roald Dahl and J. K. Rowling and her only wish is to get Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak through some miracle so that she can read books and play with Lego blocks way past her bedtime. 


I was half awake at night when I heard the ticking of the wall clock in my room and right then I was reminded of the time turner that Hermione and Harry were given by Albus Dumbledore in the Prisoner of Azkaban. I wished if I had one too, then maybe I could get out of this lockdown and take a peek at the world on the other side of this pandemic. Yes, I have learnt enough in the past month from all the grown-ups in my house about the corona virus and the world wide lockdown that we are facing presently and I can tell you that it’s not so much fun. At first, staying at home all day, reading books under the cover way past my bedtime, sleeping-in till late hours of the day and having endless playtime seemed to me like a dream come true, but now I can tell you that I am ready to get out in the sun, go to school and get back to my after school activities. So, all I could think of that night was about a wishful time machine that could help me travel to the future and see the world free from the Corona Virus pandemic. My mind was racing so fast that I could even come up with the design for my time machine and in my thoughts it looked like a capsule lift, the one that I saw in a Hollywood movie (totally forgot the name) and mine would certainly have moved faster than Willy Wonka’s lift from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It would also have had a lot of gears that the time traveler could put on while travelling, like the “octopus head gear”, the automatic seat strap to hold you tight while you are travelling with a speed faster than the rocket, the swan shaped microphone that you can use to talk to others travelling with you (maybe to tell them you are scared or excited) and then right at the front of the glass door the letters PM would be engraved in shinny silver color so that one knows who the capsule belongs to. With my newly designed machine in my head, now I was ready to start my pretend time travel. I knew who all I would take along. Ayushi, Sonakshi, Sanchi, Mishika, Suhani, Rishav, and Rajdeep- a small group of my best friends and I would call this mission “from darkness to hope”. But first I must tell you why I want to travel to the future and what our mission really would be.

This fearful world that I know we all are living in today needs some time-out, a term my mother keeps using on me. So this scary virus that is causing so much pain to everyone needs to leave. My parents told me that we still do not have medicine to fight it but we might get one in the future. I know the doctors and scientists of the world will have a cure and my work as a time traveler would be to bring it back today so that everyone can be saved from this illness. I would also like to have some fun with my friends and visit a few places while we are there in the future, our school would be one for sure. We would want to check the play area and the classrooms to find out if they’ve changed. I am sure the “Naughty Castle” (that’s what we call our play area) will have those new swings and see-saw that we have been eagerly waiting for all this time. I am guessing the roads, parks and even the school and its surroundings would be much cleaner then as no one has been around in this future’s past to make a mess.

My mind right now is full of so many ideas about my time travel that I can go on and on forever. But my “new normal life includes morning online classes. And my mother’s angry face if I wake up late is stopping me from telling you more. So I try drifting to sleep, and I can’t say if I was dreaming but I could almost hear Dumbledore saying his lines, “three turns should do it, but remember you must not be seen.”

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