Modernizing Energy Efficiency through Digitalization of Telecom Operators

The International Energy Agency hosted its fourth annual global conference in the presence of Ministers, CEOs and heads of international organizations on 24th and 25th June 2019. The event also welcomed an audience of 400 participants who came from 50 countries.

This year, the key theme of the event was the impact of digitalization on energy efficiency along with a focus on additional themes: multiple benefits of energy efficiency, business and policy innovations and financing. This event was opened by Irish Prime Minister Mr. Leo Varadkar followed by IEA Executive Director, Dr, Faith Birol. The day of the conference saw keynote speakers and dignitaries from around the globe. All of them spoke on the subject with unique insights and presented lessons and unexplored ideas from subject matter experts. 

On Day 1, speakers from all over the world presented their cases from different industries and different perspectives. The day started with speakers who were government representatives and presented their points from the government perspective. This segment was followed by presentations for CEO and heads of many famous, global organizations, who brought the business perspective to the conference. These were followed by many presentations from world leaders on global policy insights and global market insights. 

Day 2, 25th June, saw many industry bigshots and government representatives talk about subjects like A New Era of Efficiency Progress, Finance and Business Models and Enabling Efficiency Through Digitalization. Nikola Sucevic was one of the honorable keynote speakers who presented his ideas on Modernizing Energy Efficiency Through Digitalization of Telecom Operators. 

Nikola Sucevic – Energy Efficiency through Digitalization

At the conference, Nikolai spoke about the ongoing digital transformation of telecom companies and how they are constantly evolving to properly handle the data being generated through the use of internet on mobile. His presentation put the focus on the fact that data/information processing leads to energy usage and how the industry can help in energy conservation by limiting processes like duplication, unnecessary transmission and re-generation. He put the focus on the urgency with which digital transformation needs to be implemented in the industry and how that can be achieved.

He presented some really innovative ideas as a solution for energy conservation in industry. He talked about how indoor solutions can make 5G system energy efficient and also how edge computing and IoT enabling can solve the energy issues in the industry.  

Nikola Sucevic

Nikola is the Chief Data Scientist and Senior VP of PT Smartfren Telecom TBK. He is also the head of the Analytics department in the company and has been leading data warehousing department for more than a year now. 

He is a core research person with more than 20 years of experience with data-oriented industries like Telecom and Software. Nikola has been around the globe for his work commitments in this time period. He has worked at various positions in companies located in US, India, Europe and East Asia and is constantly adding new roles and achievements to his portfolio. 

His professional journey started in Belgrade where he took the position of Research Assistant at the University of Belgrade. From there he hopped on board with Ericsson in their R&D team and rest as they say is history. He has taken up top positions with big brands like Amdocs, Huawei, VIAVI and JIO and has lived and experienced the work culture of different countries.

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