Manjula Nair, a Leading Marketer all set to Bring Affordable and Effective Marketing Solutions for Individuals and Organisations

Real Buz Zone, an Indian marketing organization announces the addition of four new services to their leading marketing service provider firm 

The Real Buz Zone is an eminent Indian marketing firm with the spread across the globe. With the determination and dedication to work with real process and advanced strategies, the Real Buz Zone assists the client’s business with the effective and real results.

The firm serves their clients with various growth services like digital marketing services, branding, web development, and app development which earned them the global clientele and reputation. With the recent announcement made by Manjula Nair about venturing into three new services, and expanding their marketing organization made many heads turn.

Manjula Nair is the founder of Real Buz Zone recently announced the addition of new services to their marketing services. Addressing the fact in detail she stated, “To offer trustworthy, high quality and affordable digital marketing services, which deliver the tangible results and help the newbies in the market to scale to their highest potential we proffer various services, and today we are extending our range of services with three more services in the array namely leadership profiling, sales and pre-sales training and Public relations.”

Further explaining about the latest marketing services and their plans about benefitting startups she says, “We are venturing into the Leadership profiling, sales and pre-sales training, and public relations for the startups and small businesses. These new services may benefit individuals at different levels in marketing industry.”

The briefs of the Real Buz Zone’s latest services are 

  • Leadership Profiling – The leadership profiling service will enable the customers to sustain their leadership position, assist them to build an individual profiling and branding that will make them visible and start out. This service is for C – Levels & leaders aspiring to reach the C level, within large scale, mid-scale and startups Industries.
  • Sales and Pre-Sales training – Sales and pre-sales training will involve the development of skills and techniques that will help the startups and explore the new opportunities and grow accordingly with the market standards and is for large scale, mid-scale, and startups. 
  • Public Relations – The Public Relations services are most focused to providing the efficient and effective yet affordable solution for SMEs and startups. The firm now provides the PR reach to India media houses and US too. US specially for Indian Companies wanting to do business in US market.
  • Digital marketing now become most affordable for professional services like Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Trainers, Mentors, and also to the micro businesses or hobby based professions like Daycare Preschools, Small Restaurants, Fashion Designers, Chefs, Caterers, Bakers, and others. Get starter pack @7500/- per month. 

With such business enhancing services added to the aggregate services of the firm, the Real Buz Zone team is looking forward to help the business, especially the new-to-market business grow.

About Real Buz Zone: 

Inspired by making marketing more affordable to SME, Startup community, Real Buz Zone was started on 15 August 2015. The company aims to assist Start-Ups, SMEs & Micro Businesses with effective ‘Go to Market’ strategy. It also helps organizations with end-to-end consulting to enable them in creating a mark in the targeted market space. The company’s team operates as Consultants engaging with clients as their own Branding & Marketing function, providing services within the space of Brand Consulting, Digital, Public Relations & Content marketing Services. The company’s Consulting-to-Solutions expertise help companies engage with angel funders & Venture Capitalists and gear-up to take over the market.

Manjula Nair, founder of Real Buz Zone and an awarded marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communication led the functions like handling corporate crisis management in major MNCs like Satyam Computers (BPO). She formed Real Buz Zone with a vision to make the process of digital marketing easy and affordable.


  • ‘Women Chief Marketing Officer of the Year 2016’ by Indian Women Empowerment & Leadership Summit
  • ‘Most talented Marketing professional Award’ @Corporate Excellence Awards 2014 of World Marketing Congress
  • Nominated for Nari Shakti Award 2019. (Scheduled on 8th March)

The motive behind the addition of the new services called leadership profiling, Sales and pre-sales training, Public relations, affordable digital marketing services is to provide organizations and individual professionals an enhanced support to flare up in the market.

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