IIFW Season 3 to provide budding Fashion Designers, Models, Artists & Entrepreneurs a Global platform to showcase their talent

IIFW National Tour to explore talent from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India

8-city tour, to take place in Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on

Pune, August 06, 2019: India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW), India’s only fashion week dedicated to lingerie and intimate wear recently announced the launch of “IIFW NXT – The Intimate Fashion Tour”. IIFW’s Season 3 which started from Pune saw the presence of Pune’s Who’s Who at “CULT House”, one of the best luxury nightclub in Pune.


The event aims to provide a global platform to budding Fashion Designers, Models, Artists and Entrepreneurs to showcase and polish their talent and learn from Industry Bigwigs and like-minded Millennials. With two successful seasons, the brand now plans to explore talent from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities across India in its 3rd Edition.


Since its inception IIFW has been creating awareness on Lingerie Hygiene and has taken active measures to educate masses on Health issues arising out of choosing the wrong Innerwear (Reproduction, Skin Diseases, etc.). The brand’s vision is to make Lingerie Hygiene a habit rather than a luxury.


The brand has also been actively focussing on Plus Size Fashion and believes that even Plus-Sized people have a Right to Lingerie Fashion. With the same, the brand has been exploring talent in LGBTQ community through events like Queer Fashion Week.


With the tagline, ‘Boo the Taboo’ which has now become an emergent trend in the Indian Fashion Week, the brand wants to eradicate the taboo that revolves around openly discussing about Lingerie & Intimate Wear.


Mr. Niraj Jawanjal, Founder and Chief Ideator of India Intimate Fashion Week, states,“Our endevours are and would always focus on kicking the taboo off on the matters of lingerie, personal hygiene and such related issues. We are also going to focus big time on education related to intimate fashion & have also taken initiatives about it, which would be announced soon. IIFW has devised an 8-city tour in and around India with IIFW NXT – The Intimate Tour which has begun from Pune. The tour witnesses its advent in Pune, and moves on to Goa, Bengaluru, Delhi, and so on and so forth. As we are known to break taboo & initiate steps into unexplored territories, we thought of breaking this formal-formal show type and start something far more impactful, more reaching & engaging platform for designers, brands, models & Gen-next talents, along with our IIFW large scale show and that’s how we came up with IIFW NXT, The Intimate Tour format, which can be franchised also in these cities,”


Vijeta Singh, Legal Head, India Intimate Fashion Week says, “While we were researching & exploring during the preparations of India Intimate Fashion Week, we interviewed numerous girls and ladies to understand their mindset. What came forward was surprising to the core. While the right lingerie lifts the confidence up at workplace for a working woman, simultaneously right lingerie helps nourishing women against various health issues. When it comes to nourishing mothers, their body goes through lots of changes after giving birth to a child. Choosing the ‘Right Cup’ is very important as well as necessary in order to stay healthy and comfortable. However, in India most of the mothers ignore those changes and are still not aware of shape wear. This can be majorly blamed on the Taboo that surrounds the Indian society in terms of Open Lingerie wear discussions.”


Explaining further about IIFW NXT, Amit Pandey, Media Head, IIFW says, “IIFW takes it in its stride to promote social awareness of ‘Boo The Taboo’ in order to educate girls and women on feminine hygiene. The entity is equally zestful about motivating and supporting Indian brands and designers tap into the lingerie segment and take onto a global plane. In addition to that, IIFW also hopes to foray into the field of design education. The design school will be state of the art, globally capacitating students with par excellence design skills. The school should emerge as one of the best in the world.”


He further adds, “The event properties also aim to create employment for various artisans along with others in the industry by carving a new niche in the Indian Fashion Industry. Our National Tour will search the hidden talent from across the remotest areas in India and bring them on a Global forefront.”




IIFW NXT, is an all-new fashion forward format by IIFW which is designed to engage & involve the finest regional talent in terms of brands, designers & models in the intimate & beach fashion segment. IIFW NXT is an intimate fashion tour to be organized at top 10 cities in India, starting from Pune. After Pune, the IIFW NXT tour would continue to place it footprints in Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Indore, Chennai, Kochi etc. IIFW NXT would focus on spreading its motto of " Boo The Taboo " across all these regional shows involving fashion enthusiasts, socialites, designers & brands, media & journalists. This way the movement of promoting the budding talent in the intimate fashion industry can be strengthened.


About India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW):


India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) is a platform designed to shed a powerful spotlight on all facets of the intimate apparel and personal care industry. The event exposes both emerging and established brands and designers, manufacturers and distributors from India and around the globe, spanning market categories of lingerie, loungewear, sleep wear, legwear, lingerie accessories, men’s underwear, swimwear, beachwear, shape wear and more. India Intimate Fashion Week is also taking immense endeavour to let India speak its mind about this world largest industry and become shy-away so that we can involve and nurture the emerging talent in this massive industry to command a bold stand.


For more information, please check:  http://www.iifw.co.in/

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