Business Mastermind Event

Live Masterminds – 2020

Get ready to take action and join the VIRTUAL “Live Masterminds” high-performance team of Triccia Ramos and Raju Panjwani to discover the essential measures that you “MUST” take to elevate your business to unimaginable heights.  Scale your business profitably while creating the peaceful and meaningful life you desire.



March 20-21, 2020

INR 50,000

2 full days of Mastermind workshop

Live Interaction with Triccia and Raju

3 month follow up accountability sessions with Triccia and Raju


At the core of how masterminds work is the philosophy that you benefit from the combined wisdom, experience, and skills of the collective. A mastermind is, in simplest terms, a group of people coming together regularly who are dedicated to mutual growth and improvement. Forbes magazine quoted Taylor Pearson as saying that masterminds are a way to “solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in a way that an individual person can’t.”

We have what entrepreneurs need:

  • A strategy that focuses on greater reliance on processes and systems to help you succeed and create operating leverage in your business
  • A 90-day plan that is clear customized, and specific for your business model, and product/service that sets you up for scale
  • A community of collaborators and partnerships to catapult your business and refocus your energy

Do you, like most Indian entrepreneurs struggle with:

  • Lost profitability due to human resource issues like high attrition, poor performance and lack of self-reliance
  • Lack of focus on needle movers in the business
  • Stressors such as family dynamics, poor physical habits, poor infrastructure

About The Speakers

Raju Panjwani

Raju is a Chartered Accountant from India, a New York State CPA, and has lived in the US for 40 years.

Since 1982, he has taught The Dale Carnegie course, curated and developed several hundreds of hours of training, participated in exclusive masterminds, and coached leaders. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, and a high performance focused coach, he is passionate about helping business owners grow their vision and realize their potential. 

Raju worked at Price Waterhouse as a Financial Services Specialist, followed by 18 years at Morgan Stanley (MS), where he was a Managing Director. His roles at MS included being the Global Head of Risk and Audit, COO and Country Head of MS’s India office and Global Head of Strategy and Sourcing. He was responsible for setting up MS’s India presence in the mid-1990s.

In 2005, he left MS and started five start-ups, three of which were in Mumbai and the others in New York.

Raju’s passion for personal development and his ability to influence and coach continues to garner him appreciation for recruiting, grooming, and developing strong leaders.

Triccia Ramos

Certified High Performance Coach, Triccia Ramos was trained by Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach, who is also recognized by Oprah as one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.

Triccia supports high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs achieve their career goals, without compromising their health and relationships.

Recognized as a cultivator of joy, Triccia brings 20+ years of experience as a high performance coach and regional head of global lifestyle and furniture powerhouse Crate & Barrel helping individuals thrive at work and in life.

Within 90 days of working with Triccia, her clients experience the following in both their professional and personal lives:

  • Improved clarity and confidence
  • Richer relationships
  • Increased productivity and decreased stress


You will look at your business with a new lens that allows you to reach the next level of growth and impact!

What Business Are You In? You will learn to understand what drives your behavior, shapes your thoughts, and how it ends up defining your business. You’ll create tools to set yourself up daily for success; overcome fear and doubt; become more confident; and develop greater capacity for resilience in your business!

What Business Are You Really In? You will discover how your current ways of operating may not be serving you or your business.

What Business Do You Need To Be In? Expect to experience breakthroughs and transform your perception of where your business could be in the future.

It’s Time for You to Have the Best Year Yet! You’ll develop your vision so that you can be more intentional in your present moment while working towards your future with clear goals and strategies. You’ll leave the event knowing what you want at this stage of your life, and envision a future that inspires you to move forward with confidence and courage.

This Business Mastermind is for those:

  • Willing to:
    1. Fully Engage
    2. Be Open-Minded
    3. Get out of their comfort zone 
    4. Have Fun participating
  • Who consider themselves high performers, and are ready to mastermind with other entrepreneurs/business owners to take their business to the next level of growth.
  • Who see a bigger vision and are on a mission to make an impact that leaves a legacy for generations to come.

This Mastermind is:

  • For those willing to:
    1. Fully Engage
    2. Be Open-Minded
    3. Get out of their comfort zone 
    4. Have Fun participating
  • For those business men and women who consider themselves high performers and are ready to mastermind with other entrepreneurs/business owners to take them to the next level.
  • NOT for anyone whose only measuring stick to success is money. This is a group of people who all see a bigger vision and are on a mission to make an impact that leaves a legacy for generations to come.

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