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The “right” business content is not a showpiece.

It’s a powerful business tool when you plan for it and invest in it.

Large corporations do that. But, if you are a startup / small / medium enterprise, most likely you face a serious challenge in producing the “right” content, due to lack of Time, Skill and Budget.

Why “RIGHT” Content?

let’s look at the top 3 reasons why you can’t afford to miss out on the “right” content for your business…

reason #1:
the “right” lens

You want your customers, investors, partners, influencers and employees to view your business the way you want them to view, right?

Well, that’s possible only when you are able to give them your “lens” through which they would look at your business.

“Rightly articulated” content helps you to accomplish just that!ugh which they would look at your business.


the “right” punch

As a startup or small & medium enterprise, you are the David, facing Goliath like competition from all corners.

Unlike the biggies in your space, you don’t have the luxury of bulldozing into your customer’s mindshare.

So, what should you do?

The answer lies in “rightly articulating” what your customers will lose if they don’t go with you!


the “right” engagement

If you are short on money, don’t look to create buzz, create engagement.

Buzz is short term, can be forcefully created by reaching to a wide audience through offline and social media, which demands tossing around tons of money.

But, engagement can’t be bought, it’s long lasting and helps create a bond / loyalty with your business and brand.

As a startup or small & medium enterprise, your best bet is to create meaningful engagement with your target audience and not to go on painting the town red!

Audience reacts better to visual and conversational style content.


The bottom line is: “right” content is the key to project your business’s unique identity, creates engagement with your target audience and helps your business to stand out in the competition.

Now, let’s go deeper…

The types of “must have” content asset change from time to time, depending upon the stage of your business.

Which content assets are best suited at which business stage?

Below outlined are the typical business stages and the must have content assets best suited for each stage.


When you are at the idea stage, all you have is your aspiration.

This is the stage where your excitement flows like crazy! You itch to “start” and in the adrenalin rush, most entrepreneurs commit one cardinal mistake: jump to the execution mode without a proper BUSINESS PLAN.

Now, what is a business plan really and why it’s so important?

Imagine you want to cook a dish. How do you start? you first prepare a recipe, right?

The recipe tells you what all ingredients are needed, in what quantity, and the steps to successfully cook the dish.

But, why do we prepare a recipe first? because, we don’t want to miss out on any ingredient or steps and ruin the dish!

Business plan is the recipe of your business! You simply can’t afford to miss out on making it right.

A business plan typically consists of:

The other important content asset in idea stage is INVESTOR PITCH DECK. Now, that’s another beast you need to tame, if you want to seek investor for your idea.

Unlike general perception that investors look for impressive numbers, in reality they don’t value numbers as much as they value your clarity on the idea, approach and goals.

Fundamentally, investor pitch deck is a sales tool and not an essay about you and your business idea!

The other aspect is, if you have made your business plan well, a good part of that extract become part of the investor pitch deck.

Investor pitch deck typically consists of:

When you get armed with a quality business plan that’s “right” for your business and a crisp and professional investor pitch deck, consider yourself ready to “start” venturing out with your idea. At idea stage, these two contest assets are “must have”!

Looking for help to write your business plan and/or investor pitch deck? Give me a shout!

BIJOY BANERJEE | +91.830.886.5704


9 out of 10 startups don’t go beyond early stage.

But, every startup aspires to be in that 1% success bracket. So, what goes wrong?

Wrong idea, flawed product, bad planning-strategy-execution, lack of fund – these are the most talked about reasons for which the early stage ventures go belly up.

Sure, those are definitely the culprits in majority of the cases.

But, there’s one more reason and that’s not talked about much – the lack of “right” content!

When you are brand new in the market, that’s the most critical time for your business to communicate the “right” identity, purpose and value proposition.

That’s when the “right” content plays the most crucial role.

At the early stage of your business, the “must have” content assets are:

Main focus of the content should be to ‘engage’ the audience and not to bombard information with the hope that audience will figure out what you intend to convey!


When in growth mode, do more of what’s been working so far.

In growth stage, particularly focus on:

Now, one of the interesting challenges at growth phase is the availability of lot of data and that’s exciting to share!

Focus must be to ensure that your content leverages the right kind and amount of data, without moving away from engaging and motivating the audience.

Looking for help to write your case studies, blogs, script for the corporate video and the press releases? Give me a shout!

BIJOY BANERJEE | +91.830.886.5704

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