Ayurvedgram – Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh’s Ayurveda Mall Offering Traditional Solutions for Modern Ailments

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that used natural ingredients like plant extracts, etc to treat various ailments. Today, Ayurveda is practiced in a modernized way in India as well as at various places around the globe. The modern version of Ayurveda is known as alternative medicine and is used in various forms to treat physical and mental ailments.

Ayurveda has been adopted according to a change in our needs and modern health problems related to lifestyle issues like stress and anxiety. More and more Ayurvedic doctors are rehashing the medicines and methods to make its benefits available to modern and sophisticated generations of the new millennium. Here, we are talking about one such doctor and his innovative Ayurveda Mall that brings the best of Ayurveda to the youth of the social media generation.

Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh – The Modern Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh better known as Vaidya Sukumar Sardeshmukh comes from a family of Ayurvedic Healers from Pune. He belongs to the 11th generation of Sadeshmukh family which is acclaimed for their skill of diagnosing a disease by studying the pulse (Nadi). They are known as the experts in Nadi Pariksha and have dedicated decades towards helping people with different kinds of ailments.

Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is an ancient Ayurvedic method of diagnosing physical, mental and emotional imbalances through the observation of the pulse of the patient. Ayurvedic practitioners can determine various doshas and their stages through this method. This involves the study of Prakruti, Vikruti, Doshas, Dhatus and Manas.

Dr. Sukumar is the latest Vaidya in the family and he has added a modern twist to his family’s legacy by understanding the healthcare needs of the current generation and creating treatment plans that remove the title of ‘old method’ from this brilliant medicine system.

He has established Ayurvedgram – which is known as a one stop Ayurveda Mall amongst the younger generation. His dream is to provide the benefits of all the ayurvedic methods under one roof and project his legacy on a global level.

Ayurvedgram – One Stop Shop – Heal and Health

Ayurvedgram has been conceptualized with the idea of bringing all the different aspects related to Ayurveda under one roof. It hosts a well equipped Ayurspa where trained doctors and health professionals offers amazing ayurvedic therapies like panchkarma, massages, Abyangam, steam bath and so much more. And all this at one single place. There is a Chikitsalaya in Ayurvedgram where renowned vaidyas and expert ayurvedic physicians offers consultation and treatment for various traditional and modern health ailments. The good news is that at Ayurvedgram, you will also find treatment for modern illnesses like anxiety, stress and various other mental disorders. There is also a multi-brand store in the premises that offers a wide range of ayurvedic medicines and stocks some of the biggest brands like Himalaya Dabur, Atharva Nature Healthcare and Organic India.

Services at Ayurvedgram

Ayurvedgram offers a plethora of services to its patients. The list is huge and the benefits are many.

  • Cafeteria
  • Tea Lounge
  • Natural Juice Counter
  • Health Food Products
  • Spice Counter
  • Cosmetic Lounge
  • Consultation
  • Dhanvantari Temple
  • Ayurved Retail Shoppe
  • Ayurvedic Products
  • Ayurvedic Books and Multimedia
  • Instruments and Accessories
  • Ayurvedic Therapies
  • Ayurvedic Raw Material Counter

Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years and it is only now that modern people and youngsters have realized its benefits and advantages. With Ayurvedgram, Dr. Sukumar is doing a wonderful job bridging the gap between ancient and modern and taking Ayurveda on a international platform.

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