A yoga teacher with her roots to traditional fitness regime in modern-day fitness world


In this age where advanced technology has shadowed the traditional practices and cultures of health and fitness regimes, Rajshree stands firm to her roots with the devotion for yoga and influencing people to this healthy practice that leads to a healthy and balanced life.

Insights into Rajshree Tupe’s life

Rajshree Tupe is a Yoga teacher and the founder of Shriyog institute in Pune. She has been the student of Guruji BKS Iyengar, Dr. Geetha Iyengar, and Prashant Iyengar for over 20 decades and brings in a unique blend of three brilliant teachers. She is a certified senior Iyengar yoga teacher and holds a diploma in Ayurveda and Lifestyle management. Yoga is hierarchically connected to her, as her grandmother rode long distances to teach Yoga to children in schools.

It’s all her zeal, love for the subject of yoga and desire to share the knowledge is what made her endeavor today in the fitness industry. Her endeavors took long route but slowly yet steadily she built her awareness and culminated with the birth of “Shriyog institute”.

Yoga’s support induced strength

The Shriyog institute was named after her father, whose demise at her early age struck her hard and nothing other than yoga helped her pace out of this overwhelming period and trauma of her life. She as a yoga teacher uses the holistic approach to healthy body, mind, and soul in an accessible way that her students through the intellectual practice of pranayama and asana.

Her Shriyog institute practices the Iyengar yoga that teaches all the 8 aspects of Ashtanga yoga.

Shriyog for audience from various backgrounds

The passion for yoga was the birth of this institute and it does not target any specific group of audience to indulge themselves in Yoga, it encourages the people with natural intention to lead a healthy lifestyle and the ones with the high determination to reap the benefits from this healthy practice.

At the beginning of this institute, there were housewives showing their great interest in Yoga and this healthy practice. Later the institute grew its awareness and now has the CEO’s, students, breadwinners participating in this healthy lifestyle and fitness regime.

At times we don’t indulge ourselves into non-productive stuff if it isn’t benefitting us in the instant form or earlier and thus we ignore the healthy practices like meditation and yoga, as we would want to invest that time in something that earns us benefits.

Though yoga does not show the immediate signs of fitness either any of the fitness regimes does but helps you reap many of the health benefits when done with the combination of mind, body and soul determination.

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