A life coach with golden rule to lead a balanced life

In today speeding lives, one finds it difficult to find solace and peace. The things worsening each day and people are affected by many of the diseases never known. Emphasizing on today’s social life and its impacts Sujatha Shetty a life coach has got few golden rules to follow to keep up a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

An insight into Sujatha Shetty’s life
Sujatha Shetty is a life coach and an NIH trained researcher with a wellness column in well-known Mint business newspaper, which is a WSJ affiliate in India. She also does coaching on her professional front to the private and group clients. She counsels the employees on wellness with a holistic approach and consults on leading a healthy life in companies.
Apart from the consulting she also working on a wellness niche and is writing a book on wellness for Penguin Random House.

The Sports and its value
She is stresses on the fact about how important is sports in one’s life especially growing children. The active participation in sports will help the growing children manage their sport spirit, their loses, their wins and team management spirit. It helps the children expose themselves to the mature emotions and how to handle the situations without letting them bogging you down.

The Modern day breadwinners
The modern-day breadwinners seem to have a higher impact of the technology both positively and negatively. Positively they are exposed to huge opportunities in industrial landscape and negative impact has the contributions from social media and migration for jobs. The individuals these days leave their natives and stay as PGs in different cities carrying and bottling u their emotions, with no one close around to share is affecting them badly on their mental health.
The social media on other hand keeps them engaged doing nothing yet stressing their health and lifestyle. The jobholders today lead more of a stressful life than ever and that’s inducing diseases and health issues. It’s important for them to realize and invest their time and mind on what’s important and free up the other stressful clutter.

Penguin Random House
Sujatha Shetty is working on a book with the wellness niche for “Penguin Random House” that spotlights the importance of working on one’s mind and spirit wellness.  The books target the audience of age above 25, as this is the age where the individual gets affected by most of the challenging situations and need help with stress depression management.  She prescribes how important is to start working on one’s mind and spirit wellness at the earliest.

So, the early you start working on your mind and spirit the more you find yourself leading a well and healthy life.

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