A doctor enrooted with alternate passion


The confinements in interests and career fields are something making a stressful society to live in. Barging out of the confinements and heading to your passion to live to the fullest is what you need, and this is something that Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Patil has proved by chasing his passion and streamlining it with his career.

An insight into Sanjeev Kumar’s life

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Patil, a consultant Anesthesiologist has been practicing for about 23 years. Apart from being a doctor, he also is an amazing actor and has appeared in a huge number of Marathi plays. He has played a lot of characters, even the lead roles in certain plays and has acquired a great position in the Marathi theatre industry. He has also been acting in various movies, mainly Marathi movies.

Acting was always something that kept him going in his life. He has been around 27 years with the Atharva theatres, contributing a great work to the theatre industry. This veteran star has been winning hearts through his acting in various films such as Char Divas Sasuche, Lakshya, Shantecha Karta Chalu Aahe, and To mee navhech all of which are Marathi TV serials.

Apart from acting, he has also been doing Direction, Production, Drama- Teacher and Drama Director and a great devotee of the Manashakthi Research center.

The journey with Manashakti Research center

Manashakti research center is place where more focus is giving on our mental strength, and philosophy with Science. This institute is located at Lonavala. Sanjeev was introduced to this place around 10 years ago through his daughter’s school. That gave him the opportunity to unlock the next chapter in his life as a motivational speaker.

He found manashakti really interesting and felt they were doing a great job. He took up various courses there. Being an actor gave him the benefits there at manashakti. He was offered to be the motivational speaker there. He has attended several sessions and has given many lectures on stress management.

He has given around 700 lectures on stress management, personality development, good parenting, and many other topics.

Fitness regime for a healthy lifestyle

He follows a fitness regime is important, not a perfect one but makes sure he exercises at least on three day in a week. He has also participated in various marathons and cyclothons conducted on doctors day.

He stresses that we need to maintain a healthy life by exercising. Very rightly we can do it only when we try it. Until then, we wouldn’t know. With this motivational quote, he inspires us all with his way of living life.

Everyone need to maintain their health and stay updated about what is happening around, to learn about their lifestyle and to lead a healthier and better lifestyle.

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