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About Green Concepts

Green concepts are derived from a concept of designing of decorative planters with real plants with the plantation techniques like that of “TERRARIUMS “.

Terrariums are real plants in a glass container which sustain on their own moisture thus creating their own ecosystem inside the container for survival; thus they are known to be very fewer maintenance gardens.

Being a plant lover and a landscape designer by profession, I always kept my terraces, backyards and front yards green. This love and passion towards my greens was interrupted when I moved to a new apartment which unlike the earlier apartment had a very small terrace and that too with less of sunlight, it had no front and backyards; also my hectic schedules made it very difficult for me to maintain even a single plant in here. This is where I actually felt the need of having terrariums which require very less space and almost no sunlight to survive. This need of having low maintenance and less space gardening urged me to make a variety of terrariums for converting my surrounding space green. Now a day this is the same problem faced by many plant lovers around me so my terrariums always serve as a boon to them.

My terrariums used to be enchanting gifts to my friends, relatives and loved ones only till one of my mentor she promoted me to get out and promote my creations for getting in business out of it. Thus thereafter I started participating in handmade products and lifestyle exhibitions along with my green products. Linking up with people through these events resulted in bagging up corporate orders for green concepts. Today green concepts is into customizing terrariums for corporate gifting purpose for various finance companies, manufacturing units, for institutes like AISSMS, for doctors summit, for felicitation programs, etc.

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Business Challenges
One of the most commonly faced business challenges is that people aren’t aware of what terrariums are. People prefer to use more of artificial plants and greens just because they are cheap and don’t require any maintenance.

Biggest goal in 2019
Team Green Concepts is into designing of some new products in the same concepts of terrariums. These products are focused to convert the formal lifeless office table into lush greens by the addition of green products on the tables. We are coming up soon with some new and greener concepts in this year.


I am an interior designer and landscape designer. My hobbies include painting (Madhubani and Warli paintings), gardening and roaming around. My husband too is a diehard plant lover and also we both belong to the same profession. My mom being a botanist I am used to work for hours in the garden along with her since I was a kid.
For the establishment and the smooth working of green concepts my family has been and always is a great support system for me including my 3 years old kiddo, who too is really fond of my garden work.

NAME: Uttara Sandeep Pote
ORGANISATION: Green Concepts, Pune.
EMAIL Id: uttara.usdesigns@gmail.com
CONTACT NO: 9657657180
Follow Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usdesigns.co.in/

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