A cardiologist shedding light on the key to wellness and fitness of heart


A healthier heart leads to a healthier life and a great life, this fact we are all aware of hasn’t had us ever wondering about or bothered about knowing how healthy our heart is. Shedding light on this peculiar fact Dr. Rituparna Shinde has got the key to the well and fitness of our heart.

Insights into Dr. Rituparna Shinde’s life

Dr. Rituparna Shinde works in the city of Pune and is the founder of Sanjeevan Institute of Cardiology situated in Pune. He has DNB degree with cardiology as his specialty. He focuses on the heart, the problems of heart and the fitness of heart, and he has also been participating in various training programs which specialize in cardiac domain and has attended various programs overseas enhancing his knowledge on the field.

Training people about CPR

He stresses on educating people about CPR, and also stresses on training them in the same. This training helps people on acknowledging the things to do when fall unconscious. A CPR which involves applying pressure on the chest towards the heart to revive the heart will prove helpful in such situations. He is also planning on introducing CPR training to the educational institutions and schools, especially to the 10th standard kids where they will be given training in CPR mandatorily as a part of their curriculum. This change is yet to be brought by the government.

A human heart and the exercises

Stressing about the exercises that should be followed and the exercises that needs to be done in a limit, he encourages people to have a regular checkup and know about the condition of their heart. Heart can get overloaded sometimes which requires a specific screening.

Some people lose the lives in the process of exercising and that alone is the reason why they need to check themselves up by a physician, undergo some cardiac tests like ECG and in the worst cases even 2D echo which is nothing but sonography and some basic thread mill tests to check the working condition of their heart. Such situations can then be avoided.

The AVAV policy

People with high risk needs to be given high attention. Aahaar, vihaar, aachar, and Vichar (AVAV) are the four things people need to focus on, according to Dr. Shinde.

Aahaar is the proper food intake, anything and everything which tastes good to the tongue is not good for the heart.  Vihaar is the exercise we follow and aachar and vichar is the mental wellness i.e, keeping our mind stress free.

Our heart needs the care and only care in return to beat and function appropriately for our wellness and fitness.

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